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Aluminum Garage Doors, strengths and weaknesses and example

Apart from wood and iron, Aluminum garage doors Designs are also available from high-quality aluminum which is lighter, but still strong.

Apart from being a place to protect personal vehicles, the home garage also serves to support the beauty of the house design. Therefore, the garage must be designed properly to match the model of the house so that it looks harmonious. And one of the main elements of the garage is the garage door.

The Aluminum garage door is also a connecting door to get in and out of the front yard in or out. In general, the garage doors used by the majority of people use the type of corner doors and folding doors.

Comparison of Aluminum, Iron and Wood Garage Doors

Spread heatYesYesNo
Thickness1 – 2 mm1.2 – 1.8 mmSolid 35mm
Can be applied outdoorsYesYesYes
ColorNot easy to fadeFading/CorrosionFade
Aesthetics2 Face1 Face2 Face
Estimated Lifespan20 years15 years10 years

Main advantages of Aluminum Garage Door

Aluminum garage doors have several advantages compared to iron and wood types, including the following:

  • anti-rust, anti-termite, anti-porous because it is made of aluminum
  • resistant to any weather
  • finishing powder coating, color does not fade
  • High aesthetic value
  • maintenance free

The design of the Aluminum garage door usually consists of two sheets of aluminum and then a polystyrene material is given in the middle.

With these additional materials, the aluminum door will be stronger as well as a sound absorber.

Another plus, aluminum garage doors are usually cheaper than wood or iron. This means it will save the budget you spend when building a dream home. With a low price, you can get a garage door with a modern and durable design.



Everything has its pros and cons, and so do aluminum garage doors. After knowing the advantages, aluminum garage doors have disadvantages, although the disadvantages can be said to be few, including the following:

Static Shape

If a wooden garage door can be shaped as desired, for example, given certain carvings in particular, it is different from an aluminum garage door. Doors made of aluminum are generally static or angled without any engraving or other modifications.

Usually, the manufacturer also certainly doesn’t make it without modification, for example with twists and turns, then the surface rises and falls like a wave, so this door still has a certain appeal from its shape even though it is generally only an angled shape.

The price is expensive

In general, the price of aluminum garage doors tends to be more expensive, because the materials are of high quality and installation requires experts. However, if you want to think again, the price will pay off because of the durability and quality of aluminum doors.

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Aluminum Garage Doors Designs

There are many choices of folding garage doors, one of which is a folding garage door. This type of door is perfect for medium and large sized garages. This type of garage door is usually designed using several hinged doors arranged on a rail pad. While the system works is by sliding the door to one side, then the door will be folded.

By using a folding type garage door, you need approximately 1 meter of remaining garage space, specifically for the door. This is because this type of garage door does require more space, so that your vehicle is safe from door friction. In addition, to make it easier for you when opening and closing doors, especially from inside the garage.

Sliding garage doors have also become a trend and become a necessity in every housing estate that has a personal vehicle, especially a car. Sliding garage doors use an open system by pushing, cornering or sliding to the side. Then back to the wall using the top and bottom rails and accessories such as wheels, hinges, latch so that the push becomes light and smooth. The position of the door will hang up firmly but effectively utilize the available garage space.

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